2000 Pcs 10mmX10mm Holographic Security Stickers Tamper Proof Warranty QC PASSED VOID Label Custom Logo



Price: 9.83 - 3.83

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1. This link is a non-customized link. The order will be shipped as shown in the details page.

The customized price is different. If you need to customize, please contact us for a quote first,

and then place the order on the customized link.

2. We can make the size, shape and micro-labels you need. We are a professional manufacturer

of holographic stickers, with fast production time, quality assurance, and preferential prices.


1.Product name:Holographic sticker




5.Quantity: 2000 pieces


1. Each sticker has a unique serial number. Removing the sticker will damage the sticker and leave traces of tampering.

2. It can be affixed to the product or packaging to improve the image of the product, and sticking the sticker helps to identify your own product and can protect the safety of your assets

3. The holographic sticker will emit light when rotated in natural light or light, and the color will change at different angles. When it is not reflective, it looks like the color of the material itself, silver.


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