1 Loop V1 LifuGui Dragon in The Sky Shiny Washi PET Tape



Price: 4.99 - 3.99

Japanese Washi Tape

Free shipping for order > 15USD
system reduced automatically, if not, please message me. 

1. what is the difference between roll/loop
one loop is the shortest length that contains every art design, each design appear once. roll has repeat of loops. for example, if one roll is 10meter, one loop is 100cm. then if you buy 1loop=100cm, you will get all the designs,but each image once. if you buy one roll, you get 10 times of the designs. if you don’t see the size you want to buy, please message me to ask for link. 
if you are looking for some tapes you can not find, welcome to message me also. 

Usuage:  Journals, papercraft, gift wrapping, packaging, scrapbooking, card making, planners, collage art etc.
shell light: shiny like sea shell
rainbow shiny: shiny like rainbow
regular pet: not shiny
washi paper. japanese masking paper

release paer layer: make it easier to cut the tape. you can use it as stickers after cutting.
all tapes will be carefully packed. no worry




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