1 Roll Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap, Athletic Sports Cohesive Tape,Self Adherent Medical Tape,Flexible,Waterproof Elastic Bandages



Price: 1.87 - 2.46

Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap Athletic Sports Cohesive Tape


Product Description
Color: Beige
Material: Sponge
Size 1:  7cm*270cm (W*L)
Size 2:  6cm*200cm (W*L)
Suit for: Knee, Finger, Joint, Ankle, Leg, Pet and so on
Applicable Scene: Running, Climbing, Golf, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Mountaineering, Hiking, Cycling, Biking, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Sports Fitness and so on
Due to various monitors and lighting conditions, colors may be slightly different from listed photos.

1. Non-sticky, good stretchability.
2. Sponge material, thin skin processing, and warmth.
3. Used in combination with adhesive bandages, sports tape, etc,to avoid direct adhesion of the tape to the skin,
4. Easy for sports enthusiasts to carry out.

About The Product
1. STRONG SELF-ADHESIVE BANDAGE. This self-adherent wrap is strong enough to stick. No slipping or removal during recovery or exercise, making it a reliable alternative to body tapes, gauze rolls, and medical tapes with wider body coverage.
2.  CONFORMABLE & ELASTIC. To reduce discomfort, this bandage is designed to adjust to body movements and stick with stability. This results in minimal to no irritation at the edges of these conformable medical supplies for muscle and wound care. With high skin elasticity and pressure tolerance, this ensures comfort for longer and active use.
3. PRE WRAP FOR ACTIVE SPORTS. Take control of your joints in your sports activities. Our self-adhesive sports wraps are a unique blend of style and comfort with high-performance protection for your wrists, ankles, and elbows. 
4. FIRST AID WRAP FOR SURVIVAL. Apply just the right compression with our cohesive bandage to assist in reducing edema and securing splints. It prevents wounds from further injury after dressing. Injuries such as sprains, muscle strains, and inflamed joints can be addressed with the help of this wound care product, a must-have first aid supply.
5.  EASY APPLICATION. As your easy-to-tear medical tape, these wrist wraps are easy to wrap around your body for superior protection. As a precaution, this is not applied tightly and directly on open wounds to allow circulation and healing.

Packing List
1 Piece * Adhesive Bandage Tape


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